Resource Consent Granted for The Reserve

Coastal luxury,
Auckland proximity

Blessed with ocean and coastal views and just minutes from the
beach, you can enjoy a coastal life with great accessibility to the
City in a brand new apartment from as little as $739,000.

A lifestyle you have
longed for

City living isn’t for everyone.

Anonymous roads where your only view is rooftops. Congested streets where it’s a battle to park. Beaches you need to drive to. And that’s before you consider the high prices of City homes, let alone the inflated cost of a flat white.

An apartment at The Reserve in Long Bay avoids these stresses and extra costs of City living, while giving you the best of Auckland.

Architecturally designed spaces, many with ocean views, give you a sense of luxury and freedom. Getting where you want to go is easy, whether it’s to the shops, eateries or neighbouring bays. And right on your doorstep, you’ve got the beautifully maintained Long Bay playground, large Regional Park and endless white sandy beach. With easy access to the CBD by motorway or Northern Expressway by bus, The Reserve offers you the all-round Auckland life you’ve dreamed of, at a fraction of the price.

At home with nature

Long Bay is where land meets ocean, which provides the inspiration for The Reserve’s eye-catching yet effortless design.

A white brick facade with textured layers emulates the white sand and layered sandstone of Long Bay beach. Gabion cages in the retaining structures, base and courtyard create waterways and embankments, which are typical of this coastal environment. And this theme continues with timber decking and platforms, reminiscent of structures that bridge water and land.

Green walls around the base soften the construction, echoing the puriri and Pohutukawa forests which surround the Vaughan homestead. While generous swathes of native grass and flax, typical of those found in nearby wetlands and sand dunes, also add to the impression of The Reserve being at one with its natural surroundings.

Perfectly positioned

Being a short drive from State Highway One means that living at The Reserve makes it easy to access the south and north.

Auckland’s Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter, CBD and other attractions are 35 minutes away by car. If traffic is heavy, you can always guarantee a clear run with Northern Express buses which depart regularly from nearby Albany bus station.

Similarly, direct access to the highway means that the picturesque towns, villages and countryside to the north are also straightforward to get to.

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